Guide to realistic resolutions

Your Guide to Setting Realistic Resolutions in the New Decade

After the holidays pass, the phrase New Year’s Resolutions creates echoes around the country—it happens every year without fail. Whether someone is speaking of the resolutions they plan to begin once the clock strikes midnight or the animosity they feel towards the idea of radically changing their routines just because it’s January 1st, conversations still remain around resolutions. 

If resolutions are your jam, we want you to be armed with the knowledge and the power to give them your best shot as we jump into a new decade. And if resolutions aren’t your cup of tea? Read on and if so inclined, challenge your thinking this year when it comes to realistic resolutions in 2020. 

5 simple tips for setting realistic resolutions

guide to realistic resolutions

Find your WHY. 

Before diving in, it’s critical to identify WHY you’re wanting to make a change—who or what are you doing this for? What’s your true motivation? Understanding this and digging deeper into why you’re setting your resolutions can guide you to success.  

Start small. 

Too lofty of a venture can stop us in our tracks before we even get started. Start small with 1 or 2 achievable goals. The success you’ll feel can boost your motivation and propel you into accomplishing even more than you intended—plus you can always up the ante later on!

Be optimistic.

Habit building is a mental game as much as it is a physical game. Being optimistic about your success can go a long way in keeping you on the right path and can make it easier to jump over hurdles and avoid setbacks. 

Assess your progress. 

Set a recurring appointment with yourself to reflect on your progress. What’s working and not working with your new habits? Measuring your successes and seeing where there’s still room for improvement will help you pave a path forward. 

Make adjustments as you go. 

You don’t have to solidify your resolutions for the entire year just because January 1st hits. Know that it’s okay (and advised!) to adjust your goals and path to success as you get further along in your journey. 

How our Baze family is launching into the new decade by setting realistic resolutions 

you'll rock these realistic resolutions

Be nicer to myself. 

I don’t have to do 200 million things every day to have accomplished something meaningful. I’m my own worst critic, but it doesn’t get me anywhere but feeling down. And that helps me accomplish nothing. Giving myself a break and realizing whatever I’m in right now is just a small period of time in my life—not my whole life. 

Kindness towards self can open you up to be kinder to others, more present in the moment, and less stressed. 

Rachel C., our Customer Care and Operations Lead 

I’m going to try to start folding my laundry as soon as it’s done. 

Obviously, my clothes will be less wrinkly, but being able to build this habit will also help me prioritize myself and my time, so I can optimize other areas of my life.

Juliana D., one of our Customer Care Dietitians

Start listening to my self-help audiobooks while driving. 

Why? To take advantage of the time I spend in traffic by listening to ways I can become the best version of myself.

Gabrielle M., our Business Development Associate

I’m going to try and step away from my desk for a few minutes every hour. 

I’m realizing I’m a better version of myself when I can take a quick re-charge away from business and computer screens. I’ve found I do my best work after I clear my head and am better able to handle all the little things thrown my way!

Alex L. , our Content Marketing Manager

Adding more plant-based diet days to my week.

Eating better gives me more energy to travel, ski, and visit my family. 

Thomas K., our Director of Marketing

The realistic resolution you’ll rock all year long

Baze is your realistic resolutions hub in 2020

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