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How Specialty Supplements Can Improve Your Life

Supplementing with Essential Nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin E, omega 3, and magnesium provide a solid foundation for overall health and well-being—but it can take time to feel their benefits. The process of measuring nutrient levels and adjusting your doses to get just the right effect is an important part of improving long-term health, but what do you do when pressing issues like chronic fatigue, stress, or joint pains warrant more immediate attention? 

Baze created a solution with a new line of five pivotal Specialty Supplements that target health priorities like increased energy, reduced stress, and improving brain, immune, and joint health. 

How Specialty Supplements Work

Do you get sick often? Your immune system might need a boost. Are you missing activities you love due to body aches? Your joints might need extra support. This is where Baze’s new line of Specialty Supplements can help.

Many people who dabble in supplements without consulting an expert find themselves paralyzed by the question “How do I know what I need?” In other words, supplements aren’t one-size-fits-all, so don’t expect an off-the-shelf bottle of rhodiola to be the right amount for your unique situation. You need something that’s tailored to your body’s needs. 

That’s why Baze experts conducted thorough research in three main stages to determine the most effective and quick-acting solutions: First we asked our Baze community to tell us their top health priorities, then we tapped our experts to research the most effective supplement solutions, and next we ran pilot studies to test them out. The result? Four superpower herbals and one amino acid that targets your health priorities more specifically and allows you to feel noticeable benefits more quickly.

But what’s the difference between the eight Essential Nutrients we have been recommending and the five new Specialty Supplements we’re adding to the lineup? A blood test can show precise information about essential nutrients in your body (copper, magnesium, omega-3, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc). But these can take longer to raise blood levels into optimal ranges and to feel noticeable differences. The Specialty Supplements work in tandem with the Essential Nutrients, complimenting them for a holistic wellness plan. 

Five Gold-Standard Specialty Supplements

Determining the right supplements for you is only part of the equation—quality ingredients are just as important. That’s why we created our Specialty Supplements that aren’t just targeted, but have the highest quality. Here’s a breakdown of what each one can do:

Ashwagandha - Baze Specialty Supplements


Improves cognitive function. Our ashwagandha root extract provides a higher amount of bioactives, compared to standard ashwagandha supplements.

Elderberry - Baze Specialty Supplement


Boosts immunity. Our elderberry supplement uses both the berry and the root of the black elder plant, as both are thought to provide immune-boosting benefits.

L-Theanine - Baze Specialty Supplements


Provides stress support. Our supplement contains twice the amount as most alternative forms, which means fewer pills in your Daily Packs.

Rhodiola - Baze Specialty Supplements


Increases energy. Our rhodiola root extract is a concentration of active components that have demonstrated benefits in clinical trials.

Turmeric - Baze Specialty Supplements


Relieves joint pain. Our turmeric supplement contains Theracurmin®, which is an enhanced bio-availability turmeric rhizome complex.

How Baze Can Help

The first step in knowing what your body needs is in your own hands: That’s why reporting your health goals to Baze via an easy questionnaire provides more detailed information on your health status, so we can take a comprehensive look at your wellbeing. 

Next, our registered dietitians evaluate your responses. If appropriate, they recommend which Specialty Supplements can help, based on the priorities you indicated. When they arrive at your door, take them with your usual Essential Nutrients. Studies show that you may feel benefits in just a few weeks.  

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