10 Wellness-Focused Small Businesses That Are Here to Support You (Virtually of Course!)

While many of us are experiencing similar feelings right now (anxiety, uncertainty, stress, and confusion), how we respond can look different for everyone. It’s important to emphasize—there’s no right or healthiest way to respond to this pandemic. It’s just about doing the best you can.

Some days, that may look like eating a bit more, zoning out with Netflix for one more show, or moving a bit less. That’s perfectly acceptable.

Other days, you might get a productive surge and want to pick up an old hobby again, start a new workout routine with virtual buddies, or cook a meal you’ve never tried before. That’s perfectly acceptable too.

For the latter option, we’ve teamed up with several of our partners and small businesses to showcase their missions and resources in helping you feel your best. Below you’ll find meal plans, workout resources, and social communities you can engage with while social distancing from the comfort of home.

Ready-to-eat food delivery & easy meal plans

Performance Kitchen

Dedicated to putting everything you need to be your best self into frozen meals—these heat and eat meals are created by chefs and approved by dietitians. Performance Kitchen allows easy online ordering and 1-2 day delivery for residents of WA, OR, ID, and CA so you can eat well without needing to leave the house.

4 Baze-approved meal plans

  • Essential Nutrient Sampler: A complete 1-week meal plan: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This sampler includes prepared meals, sides, salads, and desserts handpicked by Registered Dietitians to provide you essential nutrients for immune support.

Nutrition Advantage Meal Plans

For just $9 each month, Meghan, a registered dietitian and Baze Health Partner, offers tailored, delicious, and nutritious meal plans. Each plan covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and provides all the extra resources you could ask for—grocery lists, nutrition facts, and more. Never again will you need to ask, “what’s for dinner?”

At-home workouts

Tee Major Fitness

Tee has built his reputation training active-duty service personnel and is the only coach to have trained every branch of the US military, as well as professional athletes, Olympians, and everyday people from all walks of life. His Youtube is full of workouts and fitness education resources, including this 30-minute quarantine workout.

Margeaux Jasarevic

Margeaux is a UNLV Nutrition-Dietetics student living with hypothyroidism and focused on empowering women through her own journey. Margeaux provides nutritious meals and snacks on her feed along with reliable nutrition advice and simple and fun at-home workouts.

Redefining Healthy RD

Danielle, a registered dietitian and a group fitness instructor in NYC, is providing live and recorded workout videos, nutrition lessons, and recipes. She is even offering special pricing for people in industries impacted by COVID-19.

Georgia Thompson

Georgia is a Core Power instructor & soon-to-be health coach. Her feed is filled with wellness, lifestyle hacks, and nutritious eats. Checkout her free at-home 60-Minute Yoga Sculpt Class.

Virtual nutrition appointments

NY Nutrition Group

If you are interested in scheduling a virtual nutrition appointment please email info@nynutritiongroup.com to schedule and confirm insurance coverage.

Virtual appointments are covered by insurance for all states.

Real Good Nutrition

Contact Emmy for counseling eligibility.

Work one-on-one with Emmy to create a personalized plan to meet your individual nutrition, health, or wellness goals on your terms.

Schedule your free 15-minute phone call to briefly check in about your health and nutrition goals, and to see if Real Good Nutrition is right for you.

Stories, connection, and community

Once Upon a Food Story Podcast

Once upon a time, your experiences and beliefs lead to the relationship you have with food today. Host, Elise Museles, eating psychologist and nutrition expert, calls that your food story. Listen as she and other experts dive into how you can have your cake and eat it, too.


Crystal provides inspiring stories of fitness, wellness, and real life.

Her Instagram feed is filled with fitness inspiration and at-home workouts to keep you motivated and sweating.

Dream Wellness

Meng is the face behind Dream Wellness, a food community, yoga, and training resource to connect every aspect of your wellness journey. You can also catch her on Instagram, where she occasionally offers free live workouts!

Brooke Wilkerson

Brooke’s Coffee and Chaos blog and social channels share relatable life and kid-related stories to keep you laughing, entertained, and feeling connected while staying at home.

Additional resources to help you stay well at home

  • Here are the actions you can practice that public health officials recommend to support your immune system.
  • Our dietitians combat misinformation and tackle your immunity-related questions. Read more here.
  • Overwhelmed about which pantry items you should add to your shopping list or what to even do with them? One of our dietitians, Gabrielle, gives you ideas on frozen, canned, and pantry items, healthy frozen foods options, and pantry recipes in this blog!

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