Meet the Baze Team — Elizabeth, Customer Care Nutritionist

Every team member contributes greatly to our mission of enabling every person to achieve their best health. Health is a very personal thing—you let us into your life and daily routine and we wanted to do the same.

Meet Elizabeth, a member of team Baze. We’re a passionate (and a little obsessed) bunch that makes sure our products and services are driven by science and innovation while also being actionable, realistic, and measurable.

Meet Elizabeth, our Customer Care Nutritionist

Since I was young, I have been passionate about food; how it is grown, the ways we consume it, and the impact it has on our individual, collective, and planetary health. In high school, I started to learn more about nutrition, and I remember feeling so empowered by the idea that I could have a positive impact on my health through lifestyle choices like balanced eating and exercise.  In college, to learn as much as I could about these topics, I majored in nutrition and wellness. Since finishing school, I’ve also become increasingly interested in other areas of wellness, such as psychology and consciousness, which has led me on a path of mindfulness and meditation. 

What do you do at Baze?

As a member of the Customer Care Team, I have the pleasure of communicating with our customers and anyone who is interested in learning more about Baze. If you reach out to, there’s a good chance I may be the face behind the name that responds to your questions! 

The future of health that I would like to see looks like:

I like to imagine a future where everyone, not just the privileged, has access to nutritious food, clean drinking water, and all the tools they require to live a joyful and healthy life.  

If I could give Baze customers one piece of advice, it would be: 

If you want to start eating a more balanced diet, exercise more, or start any health-promoting activity, first take a deep breath and accept yourself just the way you are. Instead of striving for “perfection”, approach any health-related goals from a place of self-love, because you deserve to feel great.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m most inspired by people who are authentically themselves and approach others with kindness and compassion. 

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 

Whether I am walking, hiking, or running, the more time I can spend outside, the better! That being said, I’m also a bit of a homebody. I’m partial to getting cozy at home with a good book, creating new recipes for my little food blog, and practicing meditation. 

Any additional certifications or brags?

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and on weekends I instruct a guided meditation class.

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