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Galentine’s Day Giveaway | Meet the Boss Women of Boston

Around Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get sucked into the commercialization of it all in an effort to show you care. I bet your inbox is even full of promotional emails encouraging you to gift your favorite products to your loved ones.

Of course, giving your favorite people the gift of health is a wonderful endeavor this season, but it’s important to recognize that wellness is not defined just by one’s nutrient status. There are many other important factors too, including your emotional, social, and spiritual connections. Our team wanted to connect with something bigger than ourselves this month and give you the opportunity to do the same. 

Instead of doing a traditional Valentine’s Day marketing push for our own product, we’re supporting and promoting a different version of this February holiday: Galentine’s Day, featuring local businesses owned by women.

We spoke with these founders about their businesses, what supporting women means to them, and what they supplement their lives with in order to live at their best.

We’ve also rounded up some of their favorite products from their companies as well as a Baze Gift Kit and created a jam-packed gift basket (over a $200 value!) that we’re gifting to one lucky reader.

Through February 14th, head over to our Instagram and enter for a chance to win this amazing haul featuring creations from the boss women of Boston!

What’s included in our Galentine’s Giveaway: The Black Canvas Co “the future is female” print, 88 Acres Seed Butter Pouch Sampler, The Organic Bath Co. Body Scrub & Body Butter, Taza Chocolate Sampler, an Acupuncture Mat, and a Baze Gift Kit!

Meet Lexi, Founder of Lexi’s Clean Living

Tell us about Lexi’s Clean Living!

It makes perfect sense that this space known as Lexi’s Clean Kitchen has evolved beyond the kitchen and into Lexi’s Clean Living; a jam-packed resource for making your hectic life a little bit healthier, without added stress! LCL is a space to show you that cleaning up your personal environment and what you put in and on your body does not have to be overwhelming or boring and that it can in fact be fun and exciting! That you can make cleaner choices while still having balance in living your life!

Our goal is to provide you with both healthy solutions to everyday cooking, along with helpful lifestyle content that helps you feel confident about creating a clean home for your family! Lexi’s Clean Living is the ultimate online editorial resource for an audience passionate about creating a healthy life.

What does supporting women mean to you? 

Connecting with like-minded women, sharing strategy and advice from a business perspective, and showing up for them (as a friend, work colleague) when they need it and understanding when they don’t! What an amazing thing to be able to lift others up – a rising tide lifts all ships!

How do you supplement your life? What people or things help you to live and feel your best?

Eating real nutrient-dense food, exercising, shutting off and relaxing with family, supporting my mental health, and knowing when to make time for myself when I really need it!

Meet Nicole, Co-Founder of 88 Acres

Tell us about 88 Acres! 

88 Acres crafts seed-based snacks that are designed for every body to enjoy. Our products are free of the top 8 most common allergens plus sesame and are full of flavorful, high-quality ingredients.

Our Galentine’s Day Gift Basket includes 88 Acres Seed Butter Pouch Sampler Pack

What does supporting women mean to you?

Supporting women means many things. It means understanding that women, and particularly moms, often have different needs than their male counterparts. We offer flexibilities that you don’t always see in other workplaces; for instance, we’re building a pumping room for nursing mothers in our Bakery. It also means striving to have at least equal numbers of male and female leaders, whether that’s in the Bakery or in our office. Being gender-conscious in this way brings in many different perspectives, which supports the overall health of the business. It means recognizing the gender pay gap and ensuring that every single staff member is valued equally and feels supported. It means building a culture that respects and celebrates everyone’s accomplishments.

How do you supplement your life? What people or things help you to live and feel your best?

I spend my days running across town–from our Bakery to our office to my son Emmett’s pre-K school (and sometimes even back to the Bakery to clean up maple syrup spills late at night!)–so it’s important to cherish those little moments of joy. Whether it’s dunking a Chocolate Sea Salt Seed Bar into my early morning coffee for a two-second mocha treat, or learning about the herbs Emmett tasted in his school garden yesterday, I try to stay mindful about the simple pleasures that punctuate my day.

Meet Erica, Founder, Brand Strategist, and Artist at The Blank Canvas Company

Tell us about The Blank Canvas Company!

The Blank Canvas Company is a creative brand that empowers women through bold and bright designs inspired by positivity. For me, the joy comes not only from picking up the paintbrush but from personalizing pieces that embody my client’s inner badass and girl boss.

What does supporting women mean to you?

Supporting and empowering other women is my life passion – which is why I strive to bring positivity into the world each day, especially for women, with my handmade designs. I think there’s something truly magical that happens when women stick their necks out for each other. I want to be the type of woman that feels approachable to other females, builds them up, makes them feel comfortable in their skin and proud of who they are, and helps them recognize what they uniquely bring to the world.

Our Galentine’s Day Gift Basket includes The Blank Canvas Company’s
The Future Is Female Print

How do you supplement your life? What people or things help you to live and feel your best?

I love this question! I surround myself with positive and supportive people and family that celebrate my high moments and have my back in the tough moments. I try to incorporate intention, positive mantras, yoga / running, painting, social life, and alone time into every day. I find that it’s a balance of all of these things that personally makes me feel fulfilled and my best self.

Gigi, Founder of Gourmet Goods by Gianna, a Boston-Based Bakery

Tell us about Gourmet Goods by Gianna!

I am a custom cupcake and cake shop in the Watertown area. I focus on flavor for everybody’s taste buds, with 19 flavors so far.  My style of cupcakes and cakes is simplistic with a touch of spunk to represent my personal style. 

What does supporting women mean to you?

I try to partner with a lot of women-based businesses and industries with hopes of creating a community where both of our businesses are thriving. I love trying new products, entering giveaways, and trying to show my followers how great some of these women-based businesses in the area are!

How do you supplement your life? What people or things help you to live and feel your best?

The best part of my day is doing what I love – making cupcakes and cakes. This in itself fills me with so much joy, but seeing the support by so many people thus far is even more rewarding. When I see and hear of people enjoying the cupcakes and cakes, it brings me so much happiness. On a more personal level, what makes my day the brightest is spending time with family, friends, and my dog Zorro.

Through February 14th, head over to our Instagram and enter for a chance to win our Galentine’s Day gift basket featuring products from these women-run Boston companies.

And whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or simply the fact that the 14th is a Friday this year—we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to the special women in your life on February 14th.

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