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What to Expect From Your Supplements Over Time

In our fast-paced, 2-day turned 2-hour delivery world, we want immediate results and that’s especially the case with vitamins and supplements. Many people take supplements (a whopping 77% of Americans) and they can make a difference for a wide variety of people and health outcomes. However, the time between starting to take a supplement to feeling or seeing an impact leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Read on to finally understand what you can expect from your supplements over time. 

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What happens to your body when you start taking vitamins and other supplements?

An important caveat to this answer: every body is unique and therefore every person’s experiences with supplements will differ. There’s not a magical point in time by which everyone will experience benefits. 

Additionally, the benefits listed below are not exclusive to supplementation but rather rooted in the physiological functions of the nutrients themselves. Whether from increasing your nutrients through food, adding in a targeted supplement, or doing a bit of both, the benefits you might experience usually stem from the fact that your body is finally receiving enough of the specific nutrients to carry out these functions more effectively. 

Here are some research-backed benefits our customers have reported thanks to their supplements.

A greater sense of wellbeing and improved mood*

Three days after they arrived and I started taking them, I had lots more energy and actually felt lighter inside. I felt healthier inside.
– Cindy

Since [using] Baze, I have more energy especially in the evening and my immune system has become stronger. The effect on my well-being was extraordinary.
– Kunde

Better sleep, more energy, and less stress*

In less than a month I see a HUGE difference in my overall wellbeing and I am energized with less joint pain!
– Tahereh

I have been taking the supplements for 4 months now and can feel the difference in my energy levels.
– Dan

Stronger immunity and digestive support*

While my whole family went through a really bad flu season I stayed well.
– Nico

Better focus* 

I now notice my focus at work and in the gym has improved as well as my overall well being.
– Matt

Shinier and stronger skin, hair, and nails*

I’ve noticed that my hair and nails seem to grow quickly and my nails are stronger.
– Eric

Recovery, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory support*

Only a few months into this but [I] notice the inflammation I dealt with [for] years is fading.
– Kevin

I have only been supplementing with Baze for a little over a month now and can already feel a significant difference in my joint pain and energy levels at work as a waitress.
– Rita

Being proactive and an active contributor to your own health

Every day that I’ve been taking them— each morning— it strikes me that before, I was not actually putting my health as a priority like I assumed I was. It was easier to assume I was getting [the] necessary nutrients from my diet than to actually make sure. I am glad I took the time…to actually know what my body needs.
– Steven

Or, you may not experience any noticeable change, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working 

You may not notice anything outwardly—even if a supplement is working by raising your body’s vital nutrient stores, blood values, and internal health. 

When you’re not getting any positive feedback despite the supplement doing its job, it can make sticking to a supplement difficult in the long run. This is why it can be helpful to periodically measure your blood nutrient levels to ensure that despite not seeing or feeling improvements, the supplement is working hard on your long term health and longevity. 

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How long does it take for supplements to actually work? 

What looks to be a fairly simple question actually comes with a fairly complex answer. Let’s break this down further as there are actually several questions to ask yourself. 

Do you actually need the supplement to begin with?

If you don’t have a true nutrient deficiency or a specific need for the supplement, the supplement may not be necessary. This is why it’s important to get a baseline understanding of your blood nutrient levels. Especially, for supplements whose impact cannot be measured through blood-based levels, it’s important to understand any symptoms you’re experiencing prior to beginning a supplement (energy and stress levels, joint pain, etc.) so you can track those symptoms over time. 

If you have a true deficiency, how severe is it?

The more severe the deficiency, the longer it will take to correct—this could be weeks or months. 

What dose are you taking?

It’s critical to take the right dose that has been shown to garner the most impact. Too small of a dose won’t move the needle and too large of a dose can be harmful in the long run. 

Are you taking a high-quality supplement and in the right form?

There are many different forms of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and some are absorbed and utilized better than others. 

Are your other nutrients optimized?

Nutrients don’t work inside a vacuum. They interact with one another in incredibly complex ways. Deficiencies in one nutrient will likely impact the actions of many other nutrients. 

On average, it may take your body a couple of months to reach a new equilibrium, but as you can see, there’s a lot of factors involved (some not even touched upon here) that can impact your experiences with supplements. Some of our customers report feeling positive benefits within a week of starting their supplement routine, while others report not noticing much of anything despite their nutrient deficiencies being resolved and their levels being optimized. 

your health is not a guessing game

The best way to determine what changes you might notice and how long it will take is to simply get started on understanding where you stand

The first step: test your nutrient levels and increase your awareness of any relevant symptoms. This will help you determine if supplementation is warranted. 

At Baze, we’re on a mission to make that as easy as possible by helping you do this from the comfort of your own home—no doctor’s appointments, lab visits, or insurance headaches required. Click here to get started. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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