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Dietitians: Why You Need These Experts in Food and Nutrition Science in Your Life

Meet Lucy. She wakes up in the morning and needs a quick and energizing breakfast. She’s burning the candle at both ends and she’s got to be out the door in 10 minutes. She knows it’s important to choose foods that give her enough energy to get through her morning meetings, but she hasn’t had much luck lately finding breakfasts that work with her lifestyle. She’s frustrated, running out of time, and leaves the house without making a breakfast decision. 

Dietitians help with UGH feelings

Meet Ricky. His cardiologist told him he needs to get more healthy fats in his diet to support his cholesterol levels. The low-fat phase of the 90s did him an injustice — he believes all fats are bad. His doctor didn’t have much time to explain what she meant so he turns to Google for some answers. Less than 1 second after hitting enter on the search bar, 995 million results pop up, and rightfully so, he feels too overwhelmed to continue.

What do these two frustrated people have in common? Aside from having the honor of sharing names with TV’s greatest comedy couple, they also both could greatly benefit from the expertise of a medical professional. Who’s qualified and ready to help both Lucy AND Ricky with their very individualized concerns? 

Enter the World of Dietitians 

Meet Rachel. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, she understands that life can get in the way of making healthy decisions. She’s worked with hundreds of clients to help them alleviate stress around food choices each day, gain confidence in themselves, and finally feel at peace with and in control of their relationship with food. If you want to lose weight, manage a chronic disease, or just want to feel better and understand more about how food is affecting you — whatever the reason — Rachel’s got your back.

Rachel - one of Baze's dietitians
Not only does a dietitian provide you with a plan of action, but they serve as a supportive partner and collaborator in your journey.

A registered dietitian nutritionist (also referred to as RD or RDN) is a trusted expert in – you guessed it – food and nutrition. But completing 4+ years of education, 1200+ hours of supervised practice, and having a rich understanding of how our bodies digest and absorb food just begins to brush the surface of a much larger picture.

Being able to really listen to your concerns, read and understand your medical chart, assess it in comparison to your individual lifestyle, and create a lasting, impactful plan to radically change your daily habits is where your dietitian can truly make all the difference. Not only does a dietitian provide you with a plan of action, but they serve as a supportive partner and collaborator in your journey. They want what’s best for you and understand that everyone’s lifestyle and choices look different. This means their offices are 100% free of shame and judgment.

They’re Everywhere — and for Good Reason

The way we eat and view food is evolving, and so are the roles that dietitians hold. Whether you like it or not, dietitians are everywhere. These experts work in hospitals, outpatient and private counseling, and within schools and communities. They’re also writers or personal trainers, advisers to sports teams and Olympic athletes, or even part of your company’s worksite wellness initiative. Interwoven in multiple sectors of public health, dietitians are here to stay and are focused on improving lives everywhere they go. 

Why You’ll Love Dietitians 

Think back again to those two scenarios: where do you fit in? Whether Lucy’s or Ricky’s story resonates with you, you might be thinking that nobody could help you more than you could help yourself- and guess what? You’d be right. 

Dietitians are your allies in healthcare.

Dietitians aren’t here to tell you what to eat day in and day out. They’re here to make the 200+ decisions you face about food each day less confusing, so you can feel confident, informed, and smart about making them. They don’t just take one aspect of your health into account when they work with you. Instead, they investigate your likes and dislikes, consider your family’s needs along with your own, and delve into your past relationship with food in order to guide you to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. As your allies in healthcare, dietitians can advocate for you, help your doctors learn more about your needs, and ultimately offer expertise and understanding regarding your condition, lifestyle, and personal goals.

Dietitians Are the Solution You’ve Been Searching for 

Let’s face it. The US has a nutrition problem. Over two-thirds of today’s population are overweight or obese, roughly 130 million people suffer from chronic disease, and an estimated 30 million struggle with an eating disorder. Dietitians are a large part of the solution. Considering we make over 200 food-related decisions each day, contacting a dietitian to discuss your individual needs should be one that’s a no-brainer.

Say Hi to Your Baze Dietitians

At Baze, our dietitians assess your individual needs and create a supplement plan to meet them. Backed by science, you can finally find peace of mind in knowing that your nutrition is personalized to you (not Lucy or Ricky). If you’re thinking that seeing a dietitian might be right for you, feel free to talk to the one you already have — at Baze

Shoot us an email to chat more about how we can help you! 

Our dietitians can’t wait to help you!


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