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Meet the Dietitian — Alex, RD, LDN

At Baze, our dietitians are the backbone of everything we do. They hold a wide variety of roles within our company, all with the goal of helping you unlock your true potential through better nutrition. 

Since they’re so important, we thought we’d tell you more about each one of them.

Meet Alex Lewis, RD, LDN, our Content Marketing Manager 

Food and nutrition is incredibly personal—physically, but also mentally and emotionally—which is what propelled me into the world of fully personalized health and nutrition. My mom and aunts were always researching what diet plans to be on and it all seemed a bit crazy until I got to high school and realized there are people who have some of these answers: dietitians. That’s where my professional life originally launched: I got to work with and help people grow their confidence in themselves and their bodies.

What do you do at Baze?

I’m the Content Marketing Manager, which means I handle all Baze content. I make sure we live out our values and vision in all content we create, from blogs to white papers and beyond! We have a powerful story to tell and I have the privilege of getting to tell it in many different ways. 

The future of health that I would like to see looks like:

People being more engaged and empowered with their personal health. Rather than being a reactive observer, people should be able to be active participants in their health and the healthcare system.

It’s about healthcare access and the fact that everyone has a right to their data and the right to be educated on what to do with that data. Everyone should be able to be equally involved in understanding themselves and having access to the care they need.

If you could give Baze users one piece of advice, it would be:

Just get started and make one small change. Getting into one solid health habit is incredibly motivating and confidence-boosting. It feels good to know you’re doing something good for your body and the chain reaction that can follow one change can lead to bigger changes. 

Who or what inspires you?

Greta Thunberg. She’s a teen, who went on a climate strike from school, and has now gone on to change the face of the climate crisis. Her power and perseverance is incredible on its own but then her young age speaks volumes: anyone can take a stand for something they believe in, and anyone can make a difference. 

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I really got into hiking and nature when I lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so exploring National Parks, driving on remote National Forest Roads, hiking, camping—and hitting the dog park with my chocolate lab, Chance!

Any additional certificates or brags? 

I won a poetry contest in the 8th grade if that counts for anything!

Say Hi to Your Baze Dietitians

At Baze, our dietitians assess your individual needs and create a supplement plan to meet them. Backed by science, you can finally find peace of mind in knowing that your nutrition is personalized to you. If you’re thinking that seeing a dietitian might be right for you, feel free to talk to the one you already have — at Baze

Shoot us an email at to chat more about how we can help you! 

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